Sep 112010

So, if my legs were too weak for golf or tennis, and my fingers were too weak for music or writing, what kind of future should I write for myself? I needed a challenge, and I needed an activity that could fill the days better than sitting around on a scooter or wheelchair.

While I was pondering this question, I could hear the music coming from my wife’s studio. She had a degree in art and was a lifelong artist and seemed to be having a really good time listening to music and creating beautiful works of art. Why not me?

Well, if I wanted a challenge, this was certainly going to be one. Because I had no art training whatsoever. A coworker had once looked at my attempts at sketches and declared that I had created a new form called “the opposite of art.” I couldn’t hold the brush firmly enough to make accurate marks, so any attempt at realism was out of the question.

Painting of a scene near Del Mar, CA

Beyond Recuerdo was one of my early paintings.

However, I was intrigued by the difficulty and decided to give watercolor painting a try. At first I was very disappointed with the rough quality of my work. But then I would have artists come up to me and ask how I was accomplishing this style. Sometimes I would be honest and tell them that I really didn’t have any choice. They would smile and tell me how lucky I was.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was that so many artists struggle for years to “loosen up” after having received years of training directed toward accurate rendering of subject matter. I was able to simply skip that whole stage.

Watercolor painting of a wooded path.

Morning Walk is a recent work, purchased by a fellow artist.

Lately, the weakness of my fingers has become so great that I can no longer legibly sign my name at the bottom of the painting and I am looking for a way around that problem. It is also taking my “loose” style to an extreme that I’m not sure I can tolerate. But I will keep trying anyway.

Somewhere along the way to becoming an artist, I discovered another way to challenge myself and to make my life more rewarding: volunteering. More about that in Act II, Scene II.