Guarding The Coast, a plein air watercolor painting by Mike Shirk

Mixed Greens, a watermedia painting by Beth Shirk

“Guarding the Coast” (top) by Mike Shirk and “Mixed Greens” by Beth Shirk.

Creating art is one of the ways we keep our spirits up when our bodies may be down. Beth is a lifelong artist with a degree in art from San Diego State University. I took up art after my disability took away most of my other pastimes (golf, tennis, running, hiking, piano). Despite coming into the art scene late, I am now a past president and life member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society. Our ShirkStudios website has more than 100 paintings on exhibit. Our work is also on display in the Art Collection of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. When our paintings are not out on loan, they can be seen at the MDA National Headquarters in Tucson Arizona.

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  1. Your blog & artwork are both fabulous! My mother was an artist (oils) all her life. She’s blind now & can’t see to paint (even watercolors) now…I’d love to find something for her to do…

    Love your positive, “can do” spirit! Thanks for sharing it with others!

    Jan Janecki (friend of Linda’s)

  2. Hey Mike, Congrats on building a wonderful and unique site and blog! I really respect your and Beth’s tenacity as artists in the face of your daily obstacles. As you know from our numerous conversations at SDWS, my admiration for you as human beings is just as huge!

    I look forward to seeing what you create next… maybe it will follow me home just like my first two Shirks did. 😉

  3. Hi Mike and Beth,

    Got your site from Chuck. Congratulations on your beautiful work, and your tenacity and high spirits. You help so many of us to learn about art and about life. Thank you again, and keep on painting, for your pleasure and our delight!


  4. Beth and Mike,
    We are so proud of the way your have challenged yourselves and the rest of us to do the most with what we have. We are honored to know you. Congratulations on developing this amazing site to share your accomplishments, expertise and insights with the world.
    Mary and Vaughn

  5. Beth and Mike:
    We just returned from a trip to Mauii with our daughter and her family…who knew the one thing my 9 yr. old granddaughter wanted to see was an art gallery because she had studied artists in school. We were so fortunate to find a few and we are inspired by the beauty that is around us albeit in the eye of each beholder. We are still getting about trying to outrun this IBM. Bob is now using a walking staff which elicits bows and praises to “The Great One” or “Moses” or his favorite “Holy One”. Going to show my granddaughter your work…she will love it. Take care. Bob and Margie Veriha

  6. Very beautiful paintings. Both of you are an inspiration!


  7. Mike – YOU are an utterly AMAZING Man. Your site is full of information and inspiration. Thank you for making your journey and insights available to all of us. Numerous times I was brought to tears as I read your Blogs and Website Insights……. not because I felt sympathy for you, but because you have such an indomitable Spirit and thirst for learning and sharing – and much hard won Wisdom. I believe you will never know, really – how MANY ways you affect both people around you and on line. You GIFT this world in a multitude of ways.

    Thank you for that.

    • Sheila, thank you for such a generous comment. I try to keep my blog postings positive and upbeat, but there are times when I feel down, especially now that I am alone. Your words brightened my day when I really needed them.


  8. thank you for this great website – I am an Occupational Therapist trying to educate myself in order to be a better resource to a newly diagnosed client.
    thank you

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