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As you may know, I recently launched a series of blog posts discussing the benefits of overhead lifts and questioning why assisted-living facilities were not using them in this country. To gather data I had a meeting with the owner of Pacific Mobility (installed my lifts) and representatives of Prism Medical (manufactured my lifts). during the course of the meeting, someone mentioned that Sunrise Senior Living had a policy against lifting residents without mechanical assistance.

As soon as I approached the entrance of Sunrise at La Costa, I knew this was a place I wanted to live.

As soon as I approached the entrance of Sunrise at La Costa, I knew this was a place I wanted to live.

After the meeting I looked them up and discovered Sunrise was one of the the original assisted living programs for the United States and has grown to about 300 facilities in the US, Canada and Great Britain. Their founders were from Holland and their story is worth reading. You can find it on the Sunrise website.

Sunrise has facilities in the San Diego area that I had previously ruled out because of the locations. However I decided to give Sunrise at La Costa a call. I learned that they that do have a policy against most manual lifting however they use floor lifts to accomplish it. So of course I told them all about the advantages of overhead lifting and directed them to this site. After watching the video and reading my previous post, they decided to ask regional management for permission to give it a try. Hallelujah! They agreed.

Beautiful views of Batiquitos Lagoon are just a few minutes away by wheelchair.

Beautiful views of Batiquitos Lagoon are just a few minutes away by wheelchair.

I learned that living here would cost me nearly double what I have been paying at Huntington Manor. But since I had made such an issue of finding another facility that would accept me and my lifts I felt I had no choice but to make the move. I’ve been here several weeks now and am truly enjoying this new environment. For one thing, I am only a 30 minute wheelchair ride from the ocean. For longer trips, the local bus stops right in front every half-hour seven days a week. Also, because I am disabled, I get to ride for free on both the bus and the local rail transit.

In an attempt to make my relatively meager funds hold out, I have taken on two freelance clients. Fortunately since my background is in marketing consultation and writing, I can accomplish both mostly online with the aid of voice recognition.

Pacific Mobility owner Jeff Conner presents me with a brand-new overhead lift mechanism courtesy of Prism Medical.

Pacific Mobility owner Jeff Conner presents me with a brand-new overhead lift mechanism courtesy of Prism Medical.

More news to lift my spirits: Last week, Jeff Conner, the owner of Pacific Mobility stopped by with a free lift, courtesy of Prism Medical and installed the lift along with brand-new batteries.

By the way, this does not mark the end of my series on the advantages of overhead lifts. There are still thousands of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities that have not seen the light. Perhaps even more importantly there are countless caregivers trying to transfer and transport their disabled loved ones without the aid that an overhead lift could provide.

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  6 Responses to “My Spirits Have Been Lifted”

  1. Mike-
    That’s great news for both you and Sunrise of La Costa. You truly are an inspiration in your advocacy for safe patient transfers. I glad you are enjoying your new location, making frequent trips to the ocean and making new friends there.

    • Went to a really inspiring talk on Biblical Leadership (given by some Army Chaplains). Their take on it was to look in the Bible and see how many &#ten0;a2oin82d leaders” actually thought of themselves as unsuitable, which resonates with your excellent point here. Thanks for stimulating thoughts.

  2. MIke, I am extremely happy to hear from you again. I have checked your LifeDisabled site daily and was afraid I had lost a line of communication with you. As usual, you have again used intelligence and persistence to fight the good fight and provide a solution to your mobility demands. You are educating everyone on the wisdom of the overhead lifts. I am sorry that your personal funds are being strained with the move to the new place. I hope that your hosts will gain a deeper appreciation for the educator that they now have in their midst and possibly make some adjustments to the costs of your care. Kudos to Prism Medical for their present of a new lift. You have provided positive feedback to them and educated your new hosts – Sunrise of La Costa – in the process. Seems like a win-win to me. Your admiring cousin, Stan

  3. Hi Mike, Ever the educator, you!! And what a service this provides for others who are disabled and their caregivers. You are an amazing man and I feel so honored to know you as a friend.

    Tom and I are moving to Gull Lake, which is near Kalamazoo, MI. Our home is about six doors from my sister Jean’s home, and our daughter Megan lives about 10 miles away. It will be so wonderful to be near family again!!

    Wishing you all the best,

  4. Mike, I am so very happy for you. I do admire your courage to make this transition. Another new and promising start for you. Best of luck in your new surroundings!

  5. […] willing to put up with my non ambulatory status and ceiling lift. I wrote about my new residents in this blog article. Since living there I have learned that even one of the best facilities in the area leaves a lot to […]

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