Jul 292014

Ceiling Lift installed in my room at Huntington Manor

The owner of Huntington Manor was willing to have my ceiling lift installed.

So why aren’t more facilities using them?

A few weeks ago, I decided to find out. It seems that the answer may be very complicated, although, like many questions, money and politics may be at the root of the issue. In the following posts I will share what knowledge I have been able to gain through talking with facilities, manufacturers, and installers. For this first post, I simply want to make everyone understand how simple the process of doing a transfer with an overhead lift can be. Those of you who have followed my blog through the years will recall the nightmare experience I had at a local hospital when they tried to transfer me with brute force. I weigh 220 pounds and it would take a lot of brutes to get me out of my chair.

So please watch the video below with that in mind. It is only four minutes long, because that is as long as it takes a single caregiver to smoothly and safely pick me up from my bed and put me in my wheelchair.

However, I know there are many other factors holding facilities back. Besides money, some are concerned whether it would be safe to install a lift within one of their rooms. I will show the many types of installations and explain that there is one for almost any situation. Others think it would be an expense that they might never recover. There are plenty of case histories to put that fear to rest. Then there is the misperception that most facilities don’t use overhead lifts. While this may be true in California and many other states, it is definitely not true in Europe and Canada. What do they know that we don’t? That will be the focus of one of my articles.

  7 Responses to “Overhead Lifts Save Time, Money, Patients’ Nerves and Caregivers’ Backs.”

  1. Well done, explaines the load bearing concept – all on floor, which I wouldn’t have guessed.

  2. My husband, Dick, is my carer and I live with IBM. I thank you for posting your helpful video showing the use of your overhead lift as it is timely for us. We’ve looked into what Sure Hands company has to offer locally; I would like to check out the system brand you have. We are looking for a track to track system, starting small with the first one to get me up out of bed. (Our bed is an articulating split queen bed.) Potentially we’d be adding additional tracks as needed. My need is not immediate but we want to have our plans ready. I can’ not thank you enough for working so hard to present so much valuable information in your blogs.

    • When I acquired my ceiling lifts they were the Waverly Glen brand. Since then they have been acquired by Prism Medical and you can buy the same equipment through their dealers. I work with Pacific Mobility in the San Diego area.

  3. HI Mike, I thought this video of your transfer process from bed to chair was extremely clear and very informative. I especially liked your emphasizing that the floor, not the ceiling was the support structure. I was also struck by the skill and caring disposition that was shown by the attendant in the transfer process. I’m sure that good people to perform this process are not easy to hire and train. I applaud your facility for locating this young man to do the job. I hope that he and others of equal skill and sensitivity are well-paid because this job calls for good human and mechanical skills. I am happy that you have such a caregiver. Always thinking of you and regularly consulting your webpage, I am

    Your cousin, Stan

  4. You continue to amaze me with your ideas to help others (and yourself) and your inner strength.

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