Feb 042014

This is the cover for my new book. The art is a slightly modified version of one of my late wife's paintings.

This is the cover for my new book. The art is a slightly modified version of one of my late wife’s paintings.

My book, Rolling Back: Through a Life Disabled, has been published and is available as a Kindle version on Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to read it, you can read it on any computer or any tablet for smart phone using the free Kindle app. Kindle owners who are Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free.

Rolling Back will be available as a paperback in a few weeks. Right now it is only in the Kindle format, but will be expanded to include other e-readers in three months. The price for the Kindle version is just $2.99. If cost is an issue I hope to be able to offer it free for five days on Amazon. When that happens, I will let everyone know.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I got the word on your book and bought it today. Since I don’t have a Kindle, I downloaded the app. to read your book on my MAC. I am eager to read it. Thanks again for your unique creativity.

    Your admiring cousin,

  2. Mike, I have long been an admirer of your web site and your unique way of dealing with all the ups and downs that are such a part of lving with IBM on a daily basis.

    Thank you so very much for making your book available to me by reading it on my IPad. My husband Bill helped me with the downloading part since in many ways I still am not too savy using this tool. Bill is actually reading it right now on his IPhone and said once you start reading it, it is hard to put down! A great compliment for your writing style! I will definitely order a copy once it is available in paperback.

    The myositis community will be forever grateful for your contribution. Keep up your good spirits. I am in awe! Dagmar

    • Thanks for your support Dagmar. I am working on the print version now. It is a bit more complicated than preparing a book for electronic publishing. In fact, I will probably write a blog item about it once I am finished. My target date is March 1 to have it available for sale as a paperback on amazon.

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