Mike at computer

This is me in late 2013, writing with voice recognition at my computer, hospital bed and TV in the background.

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  1. Howdy Mike, glad to see this posting. My wife has been bugging me to do something along this line for a time… glad you did it. I have been following some of your journey since I logged into the TMA site for the first time iin 2009 I believe.

    We are just about a year apart it seems in dealing with IBM. What you are going through now, I will be doing in the next 10-12 months. One difference is the dysphagia I am fighting… if you figured it out please share…heh heh 🙂 When I go to UCLA they want to put that feeding tube in today. I keep putting it off.. but my food choices have become pretty limited… I might have to bend on that this winter.

    Got my sure hands lift system in this spring and am shopping for a LikoLight lift as it is portable and transportable. anyhow thanks for sharing… your push-pull stick idea alone has been invaluable to me. I’ve also got bamboo back scratcher that is use for little reaches. I have one in just about every room now.

    Well, keep on, it is an interesting experience. BTW we have a KIT here in Pasadena that meets once a quarter (next one is Saturday Dec. 14th I realize you are a ways away, But maybe you have to be in LA anyway and might be able to come around… Just know you would be welcome…. have fun

    Gregg Baker

    • Gregg, please let me know how you like the two lift systems. I am especially interested in the LikoLight, in case I ever had to travel or needed to stay someplace away from my permanently installed lifts. In the great minds think alike category, I keep those bamboo back scratchers around also, both for the itching and for the reaching. Thanks for the invitation to Pasadena. I assume you saw my post of a few months back when I visited the JPL campus. It’s a beautiful area but it was a long drive, especially since I can’t easily take bathroom breaks.

      • Mike

        About the Likolight… got to play with one at the CART house at the LA County Disabilities Center in Downey last week.

        It wont do all I need it to do… though it is only one thing i need it _wont_ do. I may get it for travel however… I know exactly about those long drives.. killer on your bladder…

        It is a bit bigger than I thought.. has a footprint of just under 3-4′ wide and about 4-5′ long. Its “arm” is articulated like an elbow in the center of the arm. It is about a foot off a standard ceiling when in use. (approx 8 feet)

        This allows it to be folded for transport. It also has an attachment that will allow you to take the whole arm off and place in a case with the base.

        I am looking for a lift to move me from wheelchair to lift chair and back. It is the only time i still do a manual board transfer. It is getting tough to do and tougher every day as I’m sure you are keenly aware. I was looking for something that would do a 90 degree transfer. The
        Liko light has a base larger than the area I have to use it. IOW I could only use the Liko with an attendant.

        Were I to get a simple wall mount lift it would do this perfectly actually, I have a fixed Sure Hands system. They would love to sell me another one and showed me how it would work when they did the install early this summer. I know Hoyer and Liko have wall mounts as well….

        Stay tuned… 🙂


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