Apr 222013

Amazingly enough, I have had a few requests for the sheet music for this song I wrote. I have finally figured out how to accomplish that using a combination of Band in a Box and Photoshop. Please feel free to sing my song whenever the spirit moves you. (I’m sure you can improve on my rendition.) Of course, I am reserving the rights for any recorded or published versions of my song. Cick on each thumbnail to bring up that page of the song.
If you have trouble downloading the files, send me an email (mike@lifedisabled.com) and I’ll send them to you as an attachment.

  3 Responses to “Sheet Music for “I won’t stand for that.””

  1. Thanks for your song of courage. It will warm the heart and spirit of anyone who gets down. Love the message.

  2. Actually Mike, I liked your rendition very much! Thank you…

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