Sep 152012
My swollen legs.

My swollen legs.

My lower leg after one week.

My lower leg after one week of compression with CircAid.

As you can see from these before and after photographs, I am finally gaining control of the chronic lymphedema in my legs. Especially note the improved skin color. I don’t often blatantly promote a product but I am so excited about the progress I am seeing from the CircAid graduate leg garments that I can’t resist telling you about it. The video below is my way of expressing thanks to the CircAid people.

Leg after three weeks.

After three weeks. my legs are nearly back to normal.

  4 Responses to “Tackling Lymphedema – Part III”

  1. Thank you Mike! Jack occasionally gets edema in his left leg – not as swollen as yours, but he is not as far along in this damned disease. We will certainly add this product to our file of things to think about…

    Glad to see you are looking well.

  2. Amazing, Mike. Really pleased with your progress and your continuing willingness to share.

  3. Hi Mike, I am amazed at the progress you you are showing. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Dagmar

  4. Thanks Mike. I’m a quadriplegic and deal with swelling in my legs as well.I currently use TED compression stockings but think they are insufficient.

    I like how the attendants helping you had a gauge to measure the boots to make sure they were on properly. Do you find it easy to instruct your assistants on how to put them on?

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