Nov 252011

Mike takes his song on the road.

(But I will sing about it.) I wrote and performed this song to encourage myself and others suffering from a serious chronic illness to keep fighting and even enjoy the struggle. Most of the video was shot with my iPhone 4s, editing was done in iMovie, instrumentals created with Band in a Box and Garageband, vocals recorded and final compilation done on a MacBook Pro using Garageband.
I Won’t Stand For That

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  1. I love it Dad. Life is too grand to miss!

  2. Hi Mike, way to go. Lost the messAge I wrote before. If we don’t do for ourselves while we are still breathing, we lose. If I had become ill ten or fifteen years before I did I would not be here, but with God’s mercy I am. when we set down and give in and let others take over when with determination and effort on our part life is much better. As we all know our class is not a healthy bunch and all we can do is push on and support each other. Keep up the good work and we will be praying for you and yours. Glora Anderson

  3. I, personally, think your voice is great – brings me back to the first Folk Festival in Newport, RI. I also think you attitude is better than it could be – if only I could give that to my husband! Thanks Mike.

  4. Maureen, I think the secret to maintaining a relatively positive attitude in the face of such a discouraging illness has to do with one’s expectations for life. If you check out the earlier posts on my blog site, you will see the section where I discuss rewriting life’s script. What that means of course is that you must give up your concept of how your life was going to progress and instead develop a whole new plan. This won’t make the disease go away, or give you more physical strength, but it certainly helps set new goals that can become motivations in themselves. At least that is what has helped me to some extent. Although my wife would tell you that she also has a husband who can be very discouraged and depressed at times.

  5. Hi Mike,

    Your song blew me away.  I watched and listened to it first from your blog
    then after listening several times I  went to YouTube and listened again.
     Now that you’re on YouTube, you definitely have attained immortality.
     What would Grandpa have thought?  I believe your approach is the more
    realistic and authentic, but that’s being mean, I guess.

    I was very happy to find your song when I checked your blog.  I check your
    site very regularly and knew you’d planned to create a song.  I’m glad you
    have a Mac to do the artistry and more glad than ever that you have such

    Your awed cousin,


    P.S. I first sent this message to your earthlink email and it bounced. Are you no longer on Earthlink? …S

  6. PPS Mike,

    I forgot to mention that Dottie said you sounded like Pete Seeger. That is the highest of praise in my book, and I agree with her.


  7. Yes – that was it – a YOUNG Pete Seeger. Saw him two years ago at the 50th Newport Folk Festival. An amazing man!

    Thank you Mike for your advice. It makes all the sense in the world to me, but Jack just won’t talk about it or read about it or make any obvious changes in his approach. We are still in a two-story house because he doesn’t want to move. This discussion has been going on, I hope in a pleasant way, for at least 10 years. I do believe the word is Denial, and he is very good at it. He did tell me this year that if(!) it came to the point where he needed a power chair and we could no longer cope, he might consider moving.

    Thanks again for being here!

  8. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your song and impressive video work. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for that. Thank you also for all you do for others, with your artwork, creative approach to life and most of all your sharing. May you have a blessed Christmas season!

  9. Mike,

    This is great! Your may be the best voice in the family. Just found this … put me on your list.


  10. Hey there, Mike–and Hello to Beth too,
    I see you continue to be excellent in every way. This is such a gorgeous, educational/helpful, heart-felt blog!!!

    What a great song and video! Good for you. 🙂

    To introduce myself to other bloggers, I followed Mike as president at the San Diego Watercolor Society. One of the main reasons I agreed to be president of our 800 member group was because I knew that Mike, as past-president, would be there to support me. Mike is my Superman. In fact, a lot of our SDWS members felt that Mike is special and we honored him in 2008 with Elected Life Membership, an honor bestowed for exceptional contribution to the society on just five other members in our forty-six year history. Congratulations again, Mike.

    The Happiest of Holidays to Mike and Beth. May 2012 be an excellent year for both of you!
    Love and Hugs,
    Carol Thomason 🙂

  11. Hi Stan, Joe and Carol. You are all too generous with your praise, but being the Glory Hound I am, I’ll accept your remarks with tail-wagging pleasure.

  12. Wonderful, Mike– I would like to link to both videos and also feature them in the winter newsletter.

    You’re full of suprises.

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