Jun 082011

Mike in a ceiling lift hovering above his bed.

Mike in a ceiling lift hovering above his bed.

Now that I am too weak for sliding transfers, the only option is for someone or something to pick me up. I chose the latter – a ceiling lift. I had previously installed two, one in the bedroom and one in the bath, so now it was time to put them to use. This video shows the process I go through each morning and night.

Important update: when I lived at home, these lifts were attached to the ceiling. Now that I am in assisted living that is no longer a desirable solution. There are new types of systems that require only unobtrusive pieces attached to walls on opposite sides of the room–they don’t even need to be attached to studs as all of the weight is absorbed at the base.

  4 Responses to “What Keeps Me Hanging On?”

  1. This is amazing. Great video, very inspirational!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing. Great video!

  3. Thank you Mike. My husband, Jack, was diagnosed with PM in 1995 and IBM in 2003. Watching you was the first time I have ever seen anyone else with IBM in a video. Jack is not yet at the point you are, but when I saw your hands and I saw his hands. He still uses a walker to get around, along with a lift chair, stair lift and ramp. He is 68.

    I can’t tell you how much you and your wife amaze me. The thought of coping with two disabling diseases in a family just blows me away. Again, thank you for sharing and showing us how to adapt to the defugalties (Phil Bousley’s word) of life.

    Most sincerely,
    Maureen Girr (maureenibmwife on TMA)

  4. I have followed your story through the years you were actively doing water color paintings up to now. Your video and other information about coping with a disability is helping so many here in San Diego and elsewhere. I am the co-founder of the Wheelchair Dancers Organization. I will post your video on our website http://www.wheelchairdancers.org and email it to the wheelchair dancers. Thank you for being who you are and inspiring so many to life everyday as though it is your last.

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