Mar 162011

Preparing Work Apron for washing

When my Work Table apron gets dirty, I just remove the masonite panel and throw the cloth portion in the wash.

I first took up sewing to fill my need for a special type of “apron/worktable” that would be helpful and safe to wear when in my power wheelchair. I demonstrate three of them and explain their fabrication in the video below. It is the first in a new Life! disabled Video Series. Future videos will demonstrate topics such as using overhead lift systems to remain independent, driving with hand controls, and using GarageBand on the Apple iPad to create music.

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  1. Nice video – taking a class on making videos – much more to it than meets the eye.

    Great job.


    • Thanks Joe,

      I kept this one pretty simple–no transitions, etc., because I was using iMovie on my Mac and edit program doesn’t offer a lot of precise controls. I just purchased Final Cut Express which is far more sophisticated (A&B rolls, etc.) and will try to use it on the next one. The score (barely audible) was created using the new GarageBand app for the iPad.


  2. I have leared a lot from your beautiful site. Thank you for shaing your experiences. You are helping so many other people. I admire your positive attitude and your accomplishments.

    Eileen in Norfolk, VA

  3. I love your aprons!!! My husband is a double leg amputee above the knee and we never thought about customizing an apron for him!!! We are going to take some of your ideas and make an apron for cooking on the grill, working in the kitchen, and working in his workshop. Thank you for sharing your ideas and techniques!!!

  4. Hi Mike. Diane Kalt, my sister, told me about you and relayed an experience of wheelchair and bed. Oh no. Diane just bought me a new Invacare full power bed. Those beds are shot in about 10 years. Getting in and out of bed is the biggest challenge for me and my wife. We usually have it set up so she can push me over to land on the bed if something goes wrong. Diane and Jim speak admirably about you. You are lucky to not need a vent. I had never heard of your type of Muscular Dystrophy. I know now. Most of the people I know have Duschene and use a vent.
    I really enjoy your web sight.
    Jerry Daniel

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