Oct 132010

Shelf Liner RollThe lip of my shower is only 3″ high – it might as well be 3 feet when it is time to transfer. I can use gravity to slide back and forth between chair and shower seat, but gravity also keeps my feet planted on the floor. It’s even tougher getting into bed, when I need to drag my dead weight leg up onto the mattress.

Scissors cutting shelf liner into a narrow strip.

Use scissors to cut shelf liner into a narrow strip that will become a strap for leg lifting.

These are problems, but nothing a trip to a hardware store and a pair of scissors can’t solve. (Or you can order from Amazon, using the link at the end of this article.)
This liner, the rubberized type, is light weight, strong, and won’t slip, either off my leg or out of my hands.
One roll can provide 3 or 4 straps. I keep one by the bed and another in the bathroom.
Lifting a leg with a strip of shelf liner.

How I lift my leg with a cut strip of shelf liner.

The others are spares, because they will wear out after a year or so. I also use it to finish getting into bed. I simply loop it around my leg, just above the knee, and then pull my leg into bed.

  One Response to “You call it shelf liner, I call it leg lifter.”

  1. Very interesting! I currently use a fan belt to lift my legs onto the ottoman in front of my sofa; it hangs on my rollator. There’s one in my shower as well, so I can lift my legs onto a stool for shaving, scrubbing my feet, etc.

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